I know...i know....I don't ever update my site. Anyway, here it is. Since the release of Oddisee's The Iceberg January of 2017, I've played almost 200 shows. Picked up sponsorships with Ludwig drums, Paiste cymbals, Westone Audio, Carharrt WIP, Etnia Barcelona, and Regal Tip drumsticks. I was honored to join four Ludwig artists (Mike Marsh, Jonathan Ullman, Jordan West, and Mario Rubalcaba) to demo Ludwig's new Neusonic line. I loved them so much, Uli from Ludwig sent me two shell packs for my birthday!  Oh and my wife and I had a baby on February 18!!

This year I've done two 4 week tours in the US and Europe. Later this year, I will head to Asia performing in countries like China, Korea, Singapore, Japan (for the second time), Australia, and New Zealand. Then the recording process of Oddisee's new album will begin.